With advancements in technology and the global trading, the movers and packers now have faster, safer and more reliable vehicles, both on rail and on road. The surface transportation is still the lifeline of economic growth.

In the relocation industry, the need for faster and reliable means of transportation is increasing at a fast pace. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are hence gaining importance in the surface moving and packing industry. They improve the safety, efficiency, and convenience of both people and goods.

Today, moving by rail is very different from the early days of rail. Now a days, rail transit systems provide all the three kinds of benefits: economic, social and environmental. In addition, the relocation companies use rails that have computer-aided dispatch systems.



  • Express delivery in India at 10000+ Locations
  • Cargo pickup from over 10000+ points
  • Day definite delivery
  • Cash collection
  • IT interfaces with customers
  • Sunday and holiday deliveries

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If you want space for your goods we have warehousing services for that.
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