Warehousing Facility

4 Directions Logistic Services is an assets based company & has acquired land all across the country to build its own warehouses. The group has more than 5000 sq.ft of warehousing space spread all across the country. We provide storage facility for our privileged customers, who has specific requirement of storing of their valuable household material due to non-finalization of house at destination or if he/she is going abroad for longer period. It benefits the customer as he doesn’t have to pay for the demurrage or hire the house and pay rentals for just keeping the material & that too without proper care. Since material is properly & safely packed and stored in a well managed warehouse, customer doesn’t have to worry about the condition & safety of his material, once he is back to the country. 4 Directions Logistic Services gives peace of mind to the customer, when he/she is away.


Safe and convenient storage of Home furnishings, electronic appliances, computers, documents, antiques, Musical instruments linens, furs and other stuffs alike is available in the warehousing service facility offered by the enlisted service providers. There is the availability of best warehousing and storage services for such goods for the specified time duration.

Here you also get excellent corporate warehouse facility as well as storage spaces at affordable price point and good security measures. The enlisted warehousing service providers in fact keep a strict check on the Round-the-clock security of goods of the customers.

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